If you ask me my earliest most memorable present as a child, it would be, the yellow folder with paper and pens, that my great grandmother gave to me,  yes I have had many lovely and generous gifts over the years, but this one screams out the most, for the simplicity and world of possibilities that it presented my young hands.  My love of stationary and art supplies lives strong to this day. 
1991: Art was my number one favourite class at school, closely followed by business studies, starting three different business projects that involved making things to sell, as part of my school work and extracurricularly as the managing director of a 'young enterprise' company.
1995: Then onto College, knowing that I was going to be taking the medical route to support myself financially, I grabbed at the chance to keep my creative spirit alive, completing an A level in Photography with the intention to pursue more creative endeavours in my 30s. 
2000: During my 20s, photography was more a hobby, with a collection of weddings shot on my 35mm SLR for family and friends.  During this decade I spent more time focusing on developing my confidence as a Podiatrist, than an Artist.
2005:  I took the leap and upgraded to a DSLR, enjoying the ability to instantly be able to see a photo and adjust settings to achieve the desired result. 
2011: The power of letting go, my DSLR was beginning to gather dust, I was making no progression with integrating art back into my life, so I sold it! With no idea of when and what I would replace it with.  within a month of selling it, I had secured a job as a 'cruise ship photographer' and I enjoyed 6 months of intense photographing, a valuable opportunity to learn and develop my digital skills and found the confidence to offer wedding photography professionally on my return to dry land in 2012.
2012: I opened the 'Wellbeing Studio' at Solent Business Centre, a versatile space, it was possible to section the large room for footcare services by day and open it up as a photography studio at night.  This worked well, until I realised how constraining it is to just do posed photography in a studio, I preferred natural light and environments, so I moved my businesses out of the studio and into an apartment with floor to ceiling windows and opted to work from home and outside spaces.
2015: My intentions still strong to develop more creativity into my life, Newly married, with a puppy and two Sphynx cats in tow, we managed to manifest a wonderful opportunity to half our financial outgoings and move into a house with a garden, much bigger and more practical for our furry(ish) family @fluffynakedpaws.  Ever grateful for the space this opportunity provided us to take time to work out our best vibe forward and joking how funny it would be if we could half our living expenses again, we continued on with no attachment to making that happen, and by fluke of luck, the path we choose manifested a further reduction AGAIN!!
2016:  My Husband moved into a career that allows him the opportunity to develop as a musician, and I find myself with more time on my hands and the calm of a home that requires less working hours to keep a roof over my head.    The lifestyle of my dreams, it was quite a shock to the system, and I realised that having the time and space didn't equal magically launching myself into a more creative direction.  I learned so clearly how overwhelming too many options can be and again the value of letting go of the infinite options and minimising my life to help me find what makes my heart sing. 
The universe ever out there providing opportunities, knew how to inspire me, and in October I was invited by a charity for 'survivors of abuse' to formulate a mini photography workshop for participants at their retreat, which I created with the intention of using a camera to reframe ugly into beautiful, and as a wonderful tool for stress relief. 
2017: Hot on the heels of making room for Art into my life, I was in absolutely the right place at the right time and found myself merging my two lives,  the opportunity to facilitate a mixed media workshop with Medical Students, it was a lovely reminder, that by simply setting an open intention and then following your intuition can find you walking pathways you never knew existed, but sit perfectly with your passions.  #happycreativelife
2018: With more time spent coaching creativity this year and last, my intention as I approach 40 is to make time for my own creative products along side my workshops, and focus on establishing my own style. 

Photography: I shout less about photography as a business, I prefer to let fate lend a hand when working with clients as my approach is far more arty than technical, if you have met me or stumbled across this site and like my style and would like to commission a shoot, then drop me a message.  The unconventional romantic in me is always up for shooting alternative/quirky/funky/minimalist/international weddings /shoots​​​​​​​

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